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I'm a guitar player from Portugal, who likes to improvise solos in the genres of blues, jazz, funk, rock, metal... I love to jam and play with other musicians,
Austin Mullins wraps love lost and found around the truth of God's love for the world and attempts to put it all in perspective. The result is a set of homespun
N8 going from studio band to touring so cal The Band is finishing up the demo cd for the upcoming pro-tools sessions in October - It's just too hot in the Co
a fusion of funk, blues, metal, pop, prog, folk...mostly instrumental. Massimo Diotti: bass Carlo del Prato: drums Federico Crisafulli: guitar Patricia: voc
Presently just getting jams and ideas down for future more involved recordings. Been playing guitar since 1978 and making recordings since 1982.
polyrythyms, nerdy programing, friendly funky, wacky wierdness, bizzarre blues,
My music is a mixture of different genres. If i am feeling like i need to get some blues out- i play it. If i'm pissed off i let the metal flow. It really dosen
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