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shady neighbor, rap, rock, reggae, soul, sounds like: the beatles, the pixies, radiohead, nirvana, wu tang clan, the beach boys, nas, the rolling stones, el-p,
Hip hop hillbillies or redneck rappers? With funk driven samples meshed with timeless bluegrass elements and country rap they create experimental trailer trash
Salted Fish Brought together by the most capricious of all events - chance and luck together were the main reasons the group formed. This however ironically
OCD are the result of lots of medication, dedication and beer, our aim is to help free the burning spirit in everyone we can, failing that we'll sing to 'em and
Passenger Pigeon started off as a simple name for the recordings I started doing back in 2006, and that's about where it all still is; it's weird rock kind of s
One man, one message. Election, George Bush, TMBG, Jake Monnin, alternative, montana
orangery smut tyne and wear uk sunderland newcastle north east music producer hip hop rap grime house electronica experimental hip hop pure madness!
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