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The Steady Rollers are a young Rock and Roll band from the city of Mississauga-ON, Canada. Since forming a year ago, mixing various musical genres such as Roc
I make the music I like. Its pop, its r&b, its club, its hip hop, and its crazy and its mine. I live to take risks and have fun. Throw glitter in the air and sh
badger, slaying, kill, crap, crappy music, crabs, AIDS, HIV, bandage, ocean water, whale, oriface, ear, face, eye, the, water, land, fire, not-fire
Glam Rock and Sleaze Rock combined with slamming grooves. Imagine Mötley Crüe violating Fergie while Poison, Prince and Pink are having a threesome.
Formed in 2009, Angelspeak is a Christian rock band form Pittsburgh, PA dedicated to spreading the good news and rockin' for the Rock!
Ditty little band experimenting with the world
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