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Under the influence of: sleep deprivation, abandonment issues, feelings of inadequacy, hunger, and student loan debt.
viennese cinnamon, acid jazz,downbeat,electronica,lounge, contrabass, drums, tubes and guitars, electronic poetry
What happens when you mix a house-bound, turntablist/classical guitarist, an infamous record producer; a genre-defining superstar and a teenager with a voice be
AUDIOCAT are a London UK based studio project fusing live and electronic sources to create a rolling sound fit for bedrooms and soundsytems
Taciturnum is a darkwave/dark electro band from Kiev, Ukraine. For now, creation process continues and its width is styleful: darkwave/industrial/futurepop and
bulli,bullispace,bullimore,electronica, instrumental, guitars, breakbeats, symphonic, scratchy, synthesizors, drum machines, samples,
As the Salmothon universe started to crumbling under the voracious waves of attack of the notorious Popthan Galactic Space Pirate Federation, the people lost ho
SwineGrinder is an electro/industrial project formed in Syracuse, NY, USA, in early 2009. S3t and Rayznhell collaborated on the digital composition and program
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