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Joshuah! Rachel Chandler-BV's-Piano Terry Lewis-Guitars-Hair-Fingers Steve Weston-Harmonica Phil Aldrige -Drums,Percussion & Dustbins joshuah-vocals-unGra
Fantastic debut EP from one of the most honest, artistic and original singer-songwriter acoustic guitarist Josh Armistead. Pinpointing the genius residing
STEREOFLUX has been together since 2002, a three piece band put together by seasoned musicians, from Corona Ca. Stereoflux is a mix of edgy rock, melody and b
Di nga ito band! Ito ay compilation of musics!
An experimental taste with adult contemporary in melodies, hooks, along with a dry feel. Keeping the passion of belief real within ones writing.
I croon a kind of blues. Some of my stuff ends up stange for some people. I'm bored with singing well. I've been able to do that. I don't really know what I'm t
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