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2 guys, near age 50, young amazon mid 20's, funk and hip hop based, entirely improvisational.
I make the music I like. Its pop, its r&b, its club, its hip hop, and its crazy and its mine. I live to take risks and have fun. Throw glitter in the air and sh
funky, hip hop, fun, upbeat, mp3, latin, trip hop, psychadelic, reggeton,
XXL Is A Music Group That Consists Of Two Members,Miguel Smith & Jermaine-BSF. XXL Means Everything Big Which Mean Our Music Is Going To Be Big, Our Independent
DayyStarr music is a sunny blend of soulful folk to funky adult contemporary.
I am definately original, bold and soulful with my music. I like to let life's elements take me away in it's energy and embrace the feeling that compel's me.
Songwriter/Singer/Friend...Suganotes is not just a name it's a Sound; "More than one voice" the writer says. Born Crystal Stanley, an Atlanta native, discovered
Unsigned talent, social butterfly, ready for anything, up for fun, willing to take criticism, determined, focused, new, original, confident, lovable, talkative,
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