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DRAGFOOT, Metal, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Rap, Music, Downloads
Reactor, from Montreal, plays a bone crushing style of Thrash Metal that will satisfy metal purists. Guitarist, Dave Galea went on to be a founding member of Cr
Joykamp is todays alternative to homogenised rock groups. With its intense and intelligent musicianship, this award- winning band undeniably administers a full
Origional Hardcore punk and metal blend, Performed with bands like Michal Graves, DR CHUD, X-Ward, Misfits, GIMCRACK, SLI-LINC, Black Buffalo, Solace, SLI-LINC,
EXE is from St. Charles, MO and has been together since 2003. Our latest album was release June 11, 2011 and can be purchased on iTunes. iTunes
This is a deeper exploration of various different aspects of music that I am drawn toward. Blending many different musical textures to produce a sound that is
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