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BrianHR is just an exprmental producer from the Midwestern United States. He is mostly infuenced by Ambient, Elecrtonic and Jazz. He uses a synth-workstation a
There isn't much to explain, I am just someone who decided to make music. so here it is. Go to my website if you want more information.
It's electronica in various styles: trance, progressive, house, deep house, lounge, techno, ambient, mind flying sounds!!!
Lambda Core Project is an experimentation which i like to call Acid-Trance Electronica. It is instrumental sampled music, combining non-conventional types of si
I'm just making some rockous sounds on my computer... which is in serious need of upgrading. Technology gets old too fast.
ambient / IDM music with influences from orbital, squarepusher, aphex twin, enigma, and more.
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