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metal for true metalheads. Understand the words,get the meaning and live Another Way of life!
watch the INDUSTRIAL FETISH CYBORGS from planet DRONE play BDSM-ROCK in HELL...and BURN !!!
Minty fresh psychedelic avant-pop! Eliot Smith backed by The Flaming Lips, playing The Beatles backwards. Fuzz bass, triple-tracked vocals, reverbed piano, ho
Bill Larson A Musical Acid Trip Of Hiphop and Heroin
the Fog Brothers are true originals , conceived over three summer evenings in 2001.
Complex Rock, Elemental Industrial, Folk,Instrumental, Metal esque, Rhythmic
Drugs Sex Rock Indie Emotion Anger Happy Power Shred Guitar Psychedelic Classic Trip Pain Life Angel Devil God Women Story Roll Head Phone
"Fuse The Disconnect" is the solo project that I, Steve Zieja, am using to salvage the tiny bits of sanity I have left rattling around in my brain after my form
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