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ALL FREE TUNES: Old skool inspired electronic madness (Acid, Breakbeat, Mellow, Ambient, Techno, Trance, IDM etc). I like music to be a bit of journey which s
Instrumental, Experimental, Techno, Trance, Industrial, Retro-music, Rock, Pop, Drum N Bass, Funk, Ambient, Noice, Dance, R&B, Soul & Everything else mixed with
DRUM & BASS + JARED darkstep, hardstep, techstep liquidfunk, jazzstep, atmospheric neurofunk, techstep, neurotech PEER PARSER ELECTRO / HOUSE / BREAKBE
dance, sex, porn music, dj, techno, trance, hardcore, flat, breakbeat, crazy, your mom, tech house, mellow, noise, minimal, sampled, underground, computer, midi
Take four devilishly handsome jack the lads. Blend together an eclectic mix of vintage Techno, Rave and Dance elements. Add a dash of Rock and a large spoon
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