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nothnig much to say here
The worlds most gay song sure to bring tears of laughter to anyone with an ounce of humor in their blood.
Rocking you hardcore with the force of ten thousand hurricanes!
Check it out muther fucks, Sesame Street Gangsters, Funny, Cool, Fucked up, Comedy, SSG, Corndog, Sled dog, Speedoman, Jerk Johnson, Jerry Winger, Blanch, M&M&M
funny, metal, cool, remix, sex, sexual, tits, boobs, laugh, cry, mate, haha, metallica, death metal, black metal, thrash, dj sammy, bryan adams
SpoofJUNK funny Cool Hell ROCK Kamikazee Narda Rated PG Punk HEAVY METAL HIP HOP BLUES RAP OH wat the fuck
Elroy, Reginald, and DJ Roland bring you the gangsta rhymes. Funny as hell
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