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Nerve Damage is an all original Aly Metal band from the N.W. Indiana Chicago area. We make music that we like, and if in the prosess we find people who like it
Worwyk plays authentic heavy metal combining melodic, semi-technical riffs with scorching solos and both clean and aggressive vocals.
We are pretty diverse in our music. Everything from melodic to heavy. Our music is well thought out and has a great deal of energy as well. Listen for yourself!
Heavy Metal band hailing from Chicago, Illinois.
Eleventh Day (not...11th day) used to be called Tangled Puppets, but they got a new bass player and singer, and a new name. Metal / Hardcore / Rock ยป Algon
Chicago, Black Metal, Death Metal, Metal, Purgatory, Immortal, Iced Earth, In Flames, Illinois
... if Black Sabbath and the Melvins got into a fistfight over a bottle of tequila and a bag of weed... INDIAN is Chicago's heaviest 3-piece doomcore band.
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