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Just a guy who likes to make music, with friends, or alone. I try not to stop.
Gothic industrial love metal music for the dark minded masses. Intended to dement even the most pure of heart.
Heavy and melodic, brutal riffs, singing and screaming, metal, rock
House Of Id in 255? We call it Industrial Horrorcore, ie Sounds of Stillborn; Take Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails - NIN, Ministry, Add White Zombie, A lil Gwar
Devilizhstylez is mostly a metal driven sound with a groove and a mix of different styles. Devilizhstylez, Joe Goff, Metal industrial music,
!PURE RAGE AND AGGRESSION! The IndustrialDeath band Ground Zero from Germany, consisting of 3 violent bastards (Dane (dr.), Flo (bs.) and Stan "The Bitchkill
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