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Hip Hop and R&B Angel. 17 yr. female
Vonnis is a hard rock band with progressive tendencies. We sound somewhat like a blend of Tool, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and good.
Back for 4 years now after a 20 year period, have a deformed left hand & severe nerve, tendon & muscle damage in right arm. I used all kinds of weird tunings, o
Deep/dark ambient with increasing funeral doom influences. Slow, low, atmospherical. As you may notice, some songs have become streaming only because some co
Rock and heavy metal blended with industrial sounds with some mellow twists and ambient, dance touches. Plus messed up cover versions and film/TV themes and so
We wanted to create something intricate that didn't have the traditional singing over this kind of music....hope we're doing alright with it so far.
The perfect and homogeneous symbiosis between Funeral Doom Metal and Classical Music.
Written, recorded and produced by Acle Kahney, TesseracT began in May 2003. Created entirely in a bedroom in England after having passed through many phases, it
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