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Future 1st 60 Year Old to Win a Grammy for Best New Artist! If you like my songs; share with friends. If you think I suck; share them with people you dont like
Solo original acoustic songs looking for someone to beg,borrow or steal and make famous,because Lord knows I ain't got the guts.Taking the 'O' out of Country,if
Composer, arranger, songwriter, orchestrator and award winning Film Composer/Scorer.
Anything from contemporary classical to rock! See also: http://www.soundclick.c
Songwriters showcase of original music; Country, pop, instrumental, film music, rock, dance, christian rap, ballads.
THIS IS THE BEST THING ON SOUNDCLICK! Better than Tom Waits on STEROIDS. The Savages will build you up and then bring you down hard. Finish you off with a well
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