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Melodic and meaningful - Abstract music is written for riff and lyric lovers! Our new CD Checkmate is currently available - we are writing new music all the ti
Eccentric and eclectic Surrealist SciFi Americana, Space-Jungle, Acid-Chamber, Free-Jazz Avant remixes and mashups of original material from rdunlap and a growi
for now, crudely recorded acoustic melodies with an experimental indie slant. (what does indie mean anyway?) abstract discombobulation of the far off emotion.
Politically charged ambient motivation driving us forward where thoughts become reality... Feel the taste of iron in your mouth and you look to the sky for caut
The FMC is a group of experimental musicians of all shapes and sizes.
Genre: POP/ROCK ( POPTRONIC) SCURGE is the longstanding artistic partnership of Looch and Greg McLaughlin. Together they have performed and recorded
Blending abstract digital composition, databent sound sculptures and synthetic landscapes into sparse noisescapes & dense ambiance, Somnaphon (August Traeger) h
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