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I do all of my own beats and record myself by myself. I play the drum set, guitar, keyboard, vocals, and lyrics. My mission is to show others who are stuck in t
unique-ish...unheard of, nah? lyrical poetry in rhyme form, something completely different... get it? probably not... whatever
Ari Lesser, intelligent, conscious, political, funny, revolutionary, conspiracy, hip hop, spoken word, folk, rock, rap, reggae, lyrical genius, and verbal terro
We've been inspired by all that brings positive vibes and most of all, a conscienceness of what's going on. Soulful sounds that will hopefully give some sort of
White Trash Hip Rock. We're in your face, with great hooks, melodies, rhymes, and thick guitars. We're guaranteed to have our songs stick in your head after on
We are a chill duo who like to lay down some acoustic guitar, add some bass and drums, and then spit real easy for your listening pleasure. We're not fronting
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