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Have you ever heard of dubstep promoting such positive concepts as world peace, love, and spiritual awakening? Neither have I. Which is why I created 11:11. Ple
Reaching climax with your old NES, opening the lid and blowing the dust out, feeling good and banging your head until you run out of Tiger Balm.
flash you me us why no more tears drugs
I am an industrial force of nature, created in a dusty town in the desert southwest. I am dark and light, a reminder of things to come, an enigma of the imagin
Romance and ecstasy in the form of melodic ear candy and feel-good vibe. Romantic, heady, beautiful harmony...Kayaz and Arainia capture the very essence of love
Ladeeda drum and bass motherfucker you are shit because we all are shit and I love you for it.
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