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1000 Locks is a five piece Rock band that incorporates various styles such as Pop, Metal, Jazz, Funk, and Electronica into their music. They currently have

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By Mind

experimental, industrial, electronica, trip-hop, techno, beats, underground, trippy, strange, cool, weird, outlandish, digital
I don't know really. I just experiment. It's experimental music,I like to use that term. It's fun, it's life, it's whatever you get out of it. It's me.
A Devil's Din is a 3-man musical force that transcends duality and eclipses boundaries with a sound both timeless and contemporary. A dark and heavy psychedelic
A.E.P.H.S.O. stands for "Artificial Extradimensional Programmed Hallucinatory Synesthesiate Orchestra" It's all sequenced MIDI orchestral stuff, multiple rh
An experiment in bedroom-fidelity, kitchen-sink, dual-cassette engineered outsider music. (Lo-Fi streaming recommended)
Reppin 425th Wheel Records outta Renton Highlands, WA. Givin ya'all somethin different to sit back and ride high to. So light up a splif of da Pac Northwest's
hip hop rap super duper mega hiphop christchurch hiphop hiphop beats
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