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progressive psychedelic trance, funky, a little bit tribal.
1st Contact, Spacerock, Psychedelic, Underground, Soundtracks, Chill-out, Trance Rock, Rock, Ambient, Electronic
Instrumentalist of any and all genres. I simply jam on the keys and what I like, I put up here or use for my own music ( I offer FULL PROD
2 SUNS' music is dedicated to Love & Peace! Socially conscious, indie rock. The next generation of hippies creating a LOVE REVOLUTION! Makes you want to smile a
High everybody! first of all thX for visiting this who is 3oXo3?he's a techno producer from outta space,who lives in france since he landed on earth a
Psychedelic beats & electronic music producer... Looking for new collabs, beats are not for sale... I would give them free, if You're worth it! Try me!
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