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DTCC Indie Label A-2-Da-K emcee/writer/composer/performer/promoter StingerStang emcee cazper emcee/writer theboss306 emcee/writer Rap About What I Know, W
Hi I compose symphonic music in my style. I didn't major in music, but music always have been the core of my life. I play violin as a main instrument.
La Banda de Musica de La Agrupacion Musical La Union. Orquesta de Viento y Percusion.
Opera in English, in two acts. Based on the original tragedy by Sophocles, and following the structural scenic form of the ancient Greek Drama.
Hi. I am just a hobbyist and in no way near a musician or composer. However, I have a strong inclination towards music. So I am here. Enjoy if you like my compo
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