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Been making music for about 10 years. Im still a hip hop artist first, a producer second and an Audio Engineer third. I graduated The Conservatory of Recording
This is a demo from a samples/loops/kits pack, i have about 6gbs of them at very low price, you can find over the internet the same packs at 30$ / pack 30$ / 10
As a composer and musician I have created all manner of music and performed in many different bands spanning many genres. I create music for commercial / privat
40 Thieves loops is exactly what it's names entails. I borrowed "40 Thieves" from an old Beastie Boys track. I produce 2 and 4 measure loops. They are basic bea
All loops are cut to be easily repeated. You just have to set the given tempo and loop drag or copy paste the amount of times u want it repeated.
Ceepin soljars is a colabaration between diverse community to produce any type of sound needed weather it be RAP,HIP HOP,Rock,garage,Grime,or straight soulfull
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