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2NDNATUREUK -- 2NDNTRUK... band partnership between clive tv, frank_uk & syksy uk... electronica, hip-hop & rap, rock & dance... fusion music or fusions of genr
AIM FOR THE STARS started in Oct 2010. Currently writing our debut album and plan to play our first show in April 2011!! Check our official website for up-to-da
Billig is a comedy band that pretty much faces the issues that Teens face that are never mentioned such as: POP UP ADS, GETTING A JOB, HOW COOL INSTANT MESSENGE
Slipknot,Limp Bizkit,A Tribe Called Quest,N.I.N,Danger Doom,Gorillaz,Del Tha Phunky Homo sapien, De la Sol, BT, 8-Bit,Silvertear,Des Row,D12,N.E.R.D,RE-VENGE
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