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Dissected & goofed around with the drum parts from Sporaticus (because I was too lazy to grid...) and this what I got! Just a ridiculous "wanna-be Meshuggah" demo from a day off. Let it be noted that I hate EVERY lead on this... I'd LOVE for some bru
By the time I finished recording the parts to this, I thought it sounded just like a stage from Megaman!.. Specifically one of Doctor Wily's Castles!... So I dubbed thee demo Doc Wily. Riff, riff, and away!
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Friday, February, 22nd, 2013 - UPDATE- Found a couple things wrong with the original so I went back to it. Did some remixing, changed the solos, restructured some of the riffs, added new parts. The lowest, heaviest, djentiest, tune I've ever demo'd.
This will most likely end up as a piece of a much bigger puzzle, but I thought it was a nice little listen on its own without alot of mixing. This track's rather void of ze' metalz, but I hope you dig the idea!
I was appauled by the last mix of this song, listening to it with refreshed ears, so I went back to work on it. As well, I brought it up to the speed I initially recorded it at, I hope you find it more audible then the first version! Cheers!
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