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play hi-fi Hwagang Pop General
Hwagang composes everyting herself -listen to her songs! -Hwagang is an artist from the north of Sweden, and does all the work on her songs herself!
play hi-fi penumbra Indie
experimental sonic rock, fresh out of the mind of a kid and off the crystaline hard-drive of an ass-hole computer. (lap-top rock?/sonic sensitivity?/gothic psychedelia?/ industrial-tainted ethereality?)thoughfulness and spontaneaty
play hi-fi Myradin Pop Rock
Talented and powerful songwriter whose songs are so melodic that they stay with you for all time!
play hi-fi Randy Morter Instrumental Rock
Guitar instrumental rock
play hi-fi Lord C Hip Hop General
Beats, samples, loops, tunes, weird stuff. Classically hip hop rockin.
play hi-fi R Lee Phelps Heavy Metal
Metal and Jazz and everything between
play hi-fi Lo Fi House
French DJ / Producer from Paris, France Uplifiting destructured house music which has not forgotten its dancefloor roots
play hi-fi Hole of Mankind Death/Black Metal
A New Way of Xtreme Music from Xpain!! Intense riffs and a full-powered sound, technical xtreme metal directly from Cieza (Murcia)... R your guts ready to listen...?
play hi-fi Friday Notes Guitar Rock
play hi-fi Mr Solo Experimental
A solo musician, who writes, arranges, performs, records and engineers his own material
play hi-fi Understatement (US) Punk
Punk, Rock, Pop/Punk, Emo, Understatement, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Fender, Marshall, Pearl, Gibson, Ibanez
play hi-fi Dross Industrial Metal
industrial metal / grindcore
play hi-fi Black Nova Death/Black Metal
Electronic/Experimental Black Metal
play hi-fi Tom Byrne Progressive Rock
Progressive, melodic, heavily orchestrated rock with celtic and space rock influences
play hi-fi THE MILITIA Heavy Metal
play hi-fi Melanogaster Heavy Metal
Heavy strange sounds ranging from soft to heavy using everything from Guitars to theremins. Experimental punishment for your ears from a one-man-band.
play hi-fi Sabatur Pop Rock
Bert Spooner- Lead Vocals/ Guitars Pennie Spooner- Keyboards/ Backing Vocals Dave Coulter- Bass Dick Turcotte- Drums/ Backing Vocals
play hi-fi Audiostratus Mellow
Audiostratus Studios: The vision of tomorrow can only be seen through the eyes of yesterday and the knowledge of today.
play hi-fi Terrible Twos Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi Zen Neodo Guitar Rock
The best music in the planet, put together, shook up, pushed out, and it doesn't sound as shit as nu-metal.
play hi-fi godbrain Goth Rock
darkwave, electronic, techno, goth, album out! Check links page for purchase information!
play hi-fi Hard Luck Kings Rock n Roll
Johnny Cash meets Brian Setzer and Mike Ness who picked up Dick Dale on the way to a gig.
play hi-fi Shaun Eagle Other Alternative
Shaun Eagle is a singer/songwriter out of the small town of North Lewisburg, OH. His music has an electronic beat with a pounding synth and a deep piano with his smooth voice and real lyrics making his music dark, mysterious, beautiful, and unique.
play hi-fi Leon Wesley Walls Traditional Country
Leon Wesley Walls, songwriter, singer, musician, poet. His songs are direct with familiar traditional country themes such as, love, sorrow, drinking, betrayal and reflect on life's trials and hardships.
play hi-fi NAZ Blues Rock
play hi-fi rebuilder Industrial
play hi-fi Anguish Death/Black Metal
Anguish brings together heaviness combined with a dark atmosphere while trying to combine Death Metal with Black Metal.
play hi-fi DARK END DOWN Death/Black Metal
play hi-fi The Cozz Hip Hop
Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Beats
play hi-fi DJ X TECH Electro-hop
Smooth Techno / Trance and House Music.
play hi-fi The Ultrawave Brit Pop
play hi-fi JASON FROST AND THE LOVE JUNKI.. Alternative General
Jason Frost is best known for his association with the Seattle grunge movement of the early 90's which included bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Marcy Playground and others. For the past decade, Jason Frost has remained an underground member of ..
play hi-fi Terrorcell Death/Black Metal
play hi-fi greyladydown Acoustic Rock
greyladydown hails from Rochester ,NY. Smooth harmonies and an acoustic backbone bring these hybrid songs of substance to life. Please visit our web site at . We hope that you can sit back, relax and enjoy this music!
play hi-fi Dmoney(UK) Rap-Metal
Dmoney(UK)tha beats 2005!!! CHECK US OUT NOW B4 U DIE!!! SoundClick
play hi-fi Four Walls Progressive Rock
play hi-fi t oakes z Alternative General
from apocalyptic folk to hip hop influenced lap top rock. sensitive kid on probation for drugs recording introspective guerrila music.
play hi-fi Fred Dinger Jr Acoustic Folk
play hi-fi Just Walt Country General
play hi-fi Band of Asians Nu Metal
Sexually frustrated college kids who happen to MAKE music. We reek of awesomeness!

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