2050 BEATS
NEW/russian roulette (162bpm) Future
New School
Basic Lease 25.99, 2 basic lease 28.99 Imess : 2050beatsbooking@gmail.com Mail : 2050beatsbooking@gmail.com Credit : Lil Chuckee, Pso Thug, Sosa and 600 Artist around the glob
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play hi-fi WRECKLESS BEATS Electronica
Music Produced by Derek Gedney. Genre's: Beats General, Hip Hop, Rap, Electronica, Techno, Trance, Dance, House, Club, R&B, Instrumental, Experimental Sounds, Film/Games Soundtrack, Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, & Ambient.
play hi-fi djdeewreck Electronica
The leader & founder of all that is 'WRECKLESS'... Old School DJ from New York...spinning vinyl since 1982 kid!! Now writing original and innovative multiple genre's of music!!
play hi-fi Derek SacredLife Gedney Alternative Hip Hop
Derek Gedney Derek Gee Publisher, Producer, Writer, DeeJay, Artist, Editor, Creator & Enlightened Soul - Conscious Co-Creator at FeedTheFireFilms.

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