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New School
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play hi-fi (The Real) Brown Recluse Old School
The mighty might Brown Recluse. Except no substitutes. This is hardcore street hop representin the Sick Side since the early 90's!
play hi-fi (tmf) Nop Beats General
play hi-fi 1 Life Records Beats General
play hi-fi 100 BEATS 20 BUX Beats General
play hi-fi 1000WaTT Entertainment Bass Rap
All About Hyped up Mixes
play hi-fi 102 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 1130 Hardcore Rap
11:3o aka young sav ,,,,,,
play hi-fi 12 Gauge Fuse Grunge
play hi-fi 12-Gauge Valentine Pop Punk
play hi-fi 12Professors Positive Vibes
12professors, rap, underground, portland, seth, manton, icon, sns productions, music,
play hi-fi 13 Cent Bob Pop General
13 CENT BOB is a high energy sonic blast of Funk & Hip Hop, infused with and sprinkled with some good ol' Rock N' Roll! Their music is produced to capture the magic and their live shows promise a memorable night of booty shaking and an unexpected hi-jink
play hi-fi 1L7 Smooth R&B
Singer, Songwriter, musician, music producer. Former Lead vocalist for 80's R&B Group, Street Fare. New music from L7 coming to you soon.
play hi-fi 2 minute hate Alternative Metal
hardcore, death metal influenced female vocalist , three piece metal band
play hi-fi 25Gauge Industrial Metal
play hi-fi 26west Pop General
26west is a unique blend of Pop, R'nB and jazz throughout their original music.
play hi-fi 2bucksshort Punk
not punk but also not latin contemporary.
play hi-fi 2Much Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi 2Ym3S Hip Hop General
Rymes www.blazingmic.com
play hi-fi 3-15 (Its FIf Yo) Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi 3rdREMiX Hip Hop General
3rdREMiX Paul(yEo)Phil(JiN)KiLLa(Mike)
play hi-fi 4 Jesus Christian Country
All songs are home studio recorded. This is not a band for live performance. Just a couple of song writers laying down tracks along with other musicians in the area that are willing to figure out a part and add their touch.
play hi-fi 4 Speed Overdrive Rock General
play hi-fi 4TheHeads Entertainment Hip Hop
4TheHeads is a conscious movement of culture, awareness, and wellness for mankind. 4TheHeads produces organic clothing lines, innovative and original music, and musical events in many genres and locations, while donating portions of proceeds to charities
play hi-fi 4Trees Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi 4waze Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi 5 Burros Prank Calls
prank calls, jackass, viva la bam, cky, comedy, pranks, stunts
play hi-fi 5 FOLD Christian Rap
five fold, rap,hip hop,rnb,
play hi-fi 50 Dolla Beats Hip Hop
All beats 50 dollas! All songs can be edited/rearranged to match your verses! I will give you the files any way you want them, Stereo WAV, split into tracks, whatever you need, all for 50 bux!
play hi-fi 50 Tramp Old School
A Lil Somthin Hot From the NWEST
play hi-fi 503 Conspiracy Hardcore Rap
New Age Hip Hop, crazy fun stuff
play hi-fi 503-j Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 541 Studios Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi 5th and C Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 666 Billy 999 Industrial
play hi-fi 66shells R&B
play hi-fi 6yearsgone Electronica
electronica, experimental, trip hop, new wave
play hi-fi 7s New School
play hi-fi 7StringJazz Jazz Fusion
Exploratory sounds in many genres from jazz to classical to metal!
play hi-fi 80 Deep Beats General
play hi-fi 820 Hustlas Underground Produ.. Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 8364 Productions Smooth
play hi-fi A DeadBeat Production Hip Hop
play hi-fi A Fine Crisis Hard Rock
play hi-fi A Minor Hip Hop
A Minor
play hi-fi A Night Like Any Other Pop General
play hi-fi A((Wake)) (US) Rock
Instrumental melodic metal
play hi-fi A-Aron Hip Hop General
I'm the writer, artist, and sound engineer (primitively). I do all this from my living room and I'm slowly working on making it sound better. Any advice is happily accepted. I'm always looking for new beats as I'm a continuous writer.
play hi-fi A-DUB TRAKS Hip Hop
play hi-fi A-ROCC (of tha 805 KLIK) Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi A. Molotkov Experimental
Intelligent avant garde

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