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play hi-fi !Dirty Down Productionz! Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 'LUSCIOUS' aka L. Boogie Alternative Hip Hop
Solid R.O.C Entertainment along with Solid R.O.C Managment,High Gravity Entertainment,Street Muzik DJ's & 8 Point Productions have come together to bring this female phenom to the masses.With smash joint's like So Tired and 'We ROC and Kicked ..
play hi-fi 'MAN 'MAN 26 Bass Rap
Man Man
play hi-fi 'rizon Hip Hop General
I can rap. Listen! Listen!
play hi-fi ((DELORE)) Fuck Freestyle
play hi-fi (A)ny(B)ody(G)et(I)t Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (A.R) Nationwide Hip Hop General
I am a HipHop artist/rapper that makes music from my perspective of life. Whats my perspective? like many people I grind to be the best and live in abundance, meaning I wanna be wealthy but at the same time I speak about the truths of life.
play hi-fi (ace)Wizdumb Hip Hop General
Buffalo New,York rap artist wizdumb explodes on the scene with rookie double album Wiz/Dumb. The first CD Wiz(Ace 456) is all hip hop while the 2nd CD Dumb(Da Scrap Book) is more street music.WizDumb produced all songs and has started his own label..
play hi-fi (Band Name) The Virus Ambient
Dark Anbient Industrial Beats,Overdriven bass,atmospheric,wierd,undefied
play hi-fi (blackkartel) D.simmions Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (BMP INC) Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (CES-NY) Pop General
Cutting Edge Studios offers all producers, artists, songwriters, designers, and engineers a place where their creative ideas can take flight. Should you want consultation from any of our in house production team please call 646-713-908
play hi-fi (da kid)Prince Of NY Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (E.A.) Expanded Artistry Positive Vibes
play hi-fi (HaVeN) O Beast Productions Beats General
play hi-fi (JLynn)(G) Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (North) Shawn Giftz New School
play hi-fi (Peanut)123 Spoken Word
imma one mna personi mite have niggas on the track with me but im basicly on my own
play hi-fi (Phizzy)Phenom Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (Snooze) Joseph Graham Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (swat) Staying with a Testimon.. Christian Rap
play hi-fi (theKidD)Senerio Christian Rap
play hi-fi -(Analeptic)- Hip Hop General
I'm a producer/rapper.
play hi-fi -descendant- Techno Hardcore
mostly electronics mostly aggressive from speedcore to metal to industrial to experimental to gabber to techno to your mom i plan on doing all sorts of shit ive decided to produce songs that i like no matter the genre all under the same projec
play hi-fi -Mik3G- Hip Hop General
Rap's Not Ready.
play hi-fi -RaZrSeDgE- Battles/Disses
mah soundclick is to post battles disses and songs... including freestyles
play hi-fi -Skoobie- Hip Hop General
play hi-fi -Tha Gooniez- Hardcore Rap
We The best
play hi-fi -The Infamous KaiZ- New School
i'm a sophomore in high school that happened to try making songs...horray?
play hi-fi ...And Many More (ska) Ska
...And Many More is a ska band from Buffalo, New York. While no longer active, we are regrouping to celebrate the ten year anniversary of our creation with a show this summer. In the meantime, here's all of our songs for free.
play hi-fi 0 Miles West Pop General
play hi-fi 0-I Experimental
play hi-fi 0000002131never Hip Hop General
Lyze, 16 year rapper born in brooklyn
play hi-fi 0730 Hip Hop General
Hip-Hop at its best, East Coast, Brooklyn Rappers, Original Material. 'The Verdict?'
play hi-fi 0Below Games Soundtrack
play hi-fi 0cadavernamedAlison0 Other Alternative
shoegaze, metal, screamo, metalcore, ambient, experimental, post hardcore,
play hi-fi 0vern0iz3 Shoegaze
play hi-fi 0xFE Modern Jazz
play hi-fi 1 Manz Vyzyonz Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 1 N A MILL productions Instrumentals with Hooks
play hi-fi 1 of 1 Phresh Prince Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 1's And 2's Production Team Beats General
play hi-fi 10 Dolla ExclusiveZ Hip Hop
10 Dollars A Beat NO B.S.
play hi-fi 100 grams Hip Hop
play hi-fi 100 Plans is Q Crack Positive Vibes
play hi-fi 100 Proof Music Hip Hop General
Hip Hop and R&B Latin Production
play hi-fi 1000 Locks Avant Rock
1000 Locks is a five piece Rock band that incorporates various styles such as Pop, Metal, Jazz, Funk, and Electronica into their music. They currently have two albums released independently (Pop Debris, 2007 and Skeptical Outlook 2008)
play hi-fi 1000beatz Hip Hop
play hi-fi 1000diamonds Hip Hop
play hi-fi 10044 Freestyle

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