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play hi-fi 1969 Alternative General
Lonely Planet Boy
play hi-fi 48V(CN) Instrumental Rock
One of the best Post-rock bands from China.maybe the best one.
play hi-fi 6TH INTERNATIONAL World General
play hi-fi Ablaze Crew Hip Hop General
Hip Hop Beijing China Emcee R&B Freestyle Beats BET Instrumental Acapella Mic Beats Rap
play hi-fi AKA Dragon Battles/Disses
play hi-fi akaemcee Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Allkindbeats Hip Hop
play hi-fi Amy Pond Instrumental Rock
play hi-fi Andre Demish Beats Beats General
play hi-fi Andy Chen World General
play hi-fi APRAP Alternative Hip Hop
ASIAN POWER RAP PRODUCTION, the hottest underground hiphop from Queens, Flushing. Now in Taiwan making independent music production.
play hi-fi Astro3000 Experimental
Hello Im a guy who is a quite different than other people and I enjoy to play with music in my own way therefore my music is in different categories. I have always used what ever i come by as a tool to create music and most of my equipment are salvaged
play hi-fi Azrayel Death/Black Metal
Progressive/Melodic/Atmospheric Death Metal
play hi-fi B-Party Hip Hop General
yo check micphone 1,2,3 here comes the B you konw what i mean. itz the b-party yo check da mic, we've got a new crew... it named be party we've got b.p.t. what?you say? you say boo , i say cool... cuz , you jes' look like a damn fool god..
play hi-fi Backbones Rock General
Vocals: Tang Bin; Guitars: Tong Suhui; Bass: Zhang Wen; Drums: Ni Chenyin; We play Funk,Hard Rock,Pop,Blues Rock
play hi-fi banjoroll Cover Songs
play hi-fi baopeng Progressive Rock
play hi-fi Basspains Hip Hop
play hi-fi BEGG4R S0 Beats General
play hi-fi BEIJING BASS World Fusion
play hi-fi Benjamin Li Pop General
Benjamin Li
play hi-fi biyang effect Pedal Rock
play hi-fi BizarreFish Cover Songs
play hi-fi BJ7 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Black Clan Music Beats General
play hi-fi Black Hat Acoustic Guitar
sing about mountain,sea,sunshine and everything of the nature.
play hi-fi BlackDragonClan503 Hardcore Rap
Hard Core, Gangsta, Fast rap, Slow Rap, ASIA
play hi-fi BLINDFOlD Hip Hop
intrumental ; loop ; beat ; china ; chinese
play hi-fi BLOCK HUSTLE New School
play hi-fi Blueallele Ambient
Like to create some electronic music, which is part of my life.
play hi-fi Brass Face Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Brass Face(Phoenix Cry) Beats General
Phoenix Cry,Brass Face and FK Moses,Chinese hardcore rap.
play hi-fi Bryan Gore Pop General
4-track home recordings
play hi-fi CB onthetrack Hoe Beats General
play hi-fi cha0s R&B/Soul/Pop
play hi-fi ChainModulation Pop General
play hi-fi chekit Hip Hop
play hi-fi CHINA RAP Hip Hop
play hi-fi chinamc4 New School
play hi-fi chrisbeatz243 Beats General
beatmaking indusrty
play hi-fi ClayREZ Positive Vibes
I'm an underdog person, so I align myself with those who seem to be not considered valuable in polite society.
play hi-fi Colorblindkid Pop General
play hi-fi Crissy Chris Beats General
Life is going fast,relax, put your hearset and listen Criisy :)
play hi-fi cs6888998 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi D-Flow Crew Alternative Hip Hop
FR DOWN SOUTH CHINA. Hip Hop Chinese Rap.
play hi-fi dally R&B/Soul/Pop
play hi-fi DemoTime Hip Hop General
ÎÒÃÇÊÇÀ´×ÔÖйú´ó½µÄhip-hoperÏ£Íû¸ø´ó¼Ò´øÀ´ºÃ³ÔµÄÖйú²Ë£¡ D.M.T
play hi-fi Dgflyer R&B/Soul/Pop
I like DTM and I like sing my songs
play hi-fi DIFFEr Electro-hop
play hi-fi Digi-Hiker Studio Film Music

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