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play hi-fi 5ATGGCTAC3 Beats General
play hi-fi Beijing Beats Hip Hop
From Gutta to da club I got that CRACK!!!!!!!
play hi-fi Birthworm Industrial
A harsh, aggro, head crushing explosion laced with the dark side of human nature only seen through the eyes of LSD. Monolithic industrial mixed with waves of psychedelic sampling with undertones of ill intent twards everything that stands for anyth..
play hi-fi Book of Lies Death/Black Metal
rock, metal, black metal
play hi-fi boston kronik Heavy Metal
old school metal with a new age attitude.
play hi-fi Bravado Beats Hip Hop
Sticking To The Roots Of Hip Hop
play hi-fi Bravado Music New School
play hi-fi Carter Beats - Pathway Beats General
I'm a Producer/Rapper representing Pathway mvt. I also engineer on the side. i sell beats on but the ones that don't sell get posted up herestarting at $10 and gradually go down to free.
play hi-fi Cinna New School
Tight rhymes that aint afriad to hold nuthin back. Spoken straight out my mind. Shits definately original.
play hi-fi Detox (USA) Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Dingo jr Progressive Rock
stream of conscious thoughthguoht suoicsnoc fo maerts
play hi-fi DJ MC (MA) Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi duresse Alternative General
melodic, energetic, rootsy, spacey, anthemic, swirly, noisy, pretty, poppy, future arena rock
play hi-fi Feed Kill Chain Heavy Metal
Heavy, Melodic, Precise, Smooth, Genuine, Metal, Death Metal, Industrial, Progressive, Melodic, Melodic Death, Swedish
play hi-fi HarryTheHook R&B/Soul/Pop
Solo singer/Songwriter
play hi-fi Hillfigga Productions Freestyle
Best freestyle shit youll ever here...
play hi-fi Kasper Hip Hop General
HipHop artist 18 years old one of the most prolific emcees in the underground today A top prospect with many offers from from various labels
play hi-fi Kinky K Games Soundtrack
play hi-fi KishinV Death/Black Metal
play hi-fi Konsol Industrial Metal
Brutal Crushing Metal-Industrial
play hi-fi Lex Diss Sick New School
spitten the hottest in rap , freestyles, battles, or just straight disgusting shit
play hi-fi M Rich Dzasta Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Mass Disstruction Freestyle
play hi-fi Mass Media Hyphy
Mass Media pt. 1 of the Mass Movement Mixtape series Collection which consists of now 4 Albums. has my newest music! Go to my massquerade page for newest current music downloads. Holla -mjs:)
play hi-fi MASSAKA Hip Hop General
MASSAKA is an artist who is different then most. Giving any topic he treats it the only way he knows how, murders it. People think he is named MASSAKA because he kills, he does sorta, music though not people. Taking out aggression, depression, frustratio
play hi-fi Massquerade Hyphy
WASSUP ITS UR GIRL INFY. I MADE THIS PAGE TO DROP THIS NEW 2012 SHYT! MASSQUERADE INVADES The Mass Movement Mixtape Series! Pt. 4out of 5 in this installment .... Stay tuned because I aint going Away !!! ~mjs :)
play hi-fi Mc Dadinho Christian Rap
Brazilian Rap, Hiphop, Christian Rap, Rap,
play hi-fi Militant-Millimeter Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Miss Massy LP Nerdcore
play hi-fi Montego Blu East Coast
Montego Blu is a 24 year old up and coming singer, songwriter and producer. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, her Jamaican heritage has been an inspiration for her music. Her style is a smooth mix of r&b, reggae and hip hop. Soothing to the mind,
play hi-fi Patient 0 (Official) Alternative Metal
For Fans Of: Sevendust- Korn- Avenged Sevenfold Theyre Patient - They Don't Fuck Around.
play hi-fi pM0ney Hip Hop
play hi-fi Randy John Music Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi Silver City Sko Positive Vibes
A fresh breath of real hip hop, no Bling Bling, no Lexuses, no Cristal... RHYMES, BEATS, BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS... how it used to, and should, be
play hi-fi The Cushco Brothers Rock General
play hi-fi Tony93666 Psychedelic Rock
play hi-fi xAsyluMx Hip Hop General
play hi-fi xNewBeatsx Beats General
My beats run from 25-35$ a beat. Additional guitars recorded (acoustic and/or electric) is an extra 10-20$ a beat. Contact me for info.
play hi-fi xxdetoxxx Freestyle
The realest freestyles. Tight vocabulary and messages in written shit.

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