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play hi-fi 3H Progressive Rock
Instrumental progressive rock by Dad and his two sons from Spokane, WA.
play hi-fi 5 oh nineer Hip Hop General
rap (rough ambient productions)
Hardcore to the max, with a mix of rock, pop, rap, country, techno, and jazz. Freestyled and totally wack. Sounds like mindless self indulgence, eminem, korn, and britney spears combined! It is good.
play hi-fi AEON SPIRIT Ambient
play hi-fi AJ Tha Killa Hardcore Rap
Underground Hip Hop/Rap
play hi-fi Ajent Oranje Beats General
Beats (and some lyrics) that are going to revolutionize the northwest as we know it.
play hi-fi Algo-Rythms Games Soundtrack
Techno, Breaks, DnB, Video Game
play hi-fi Amethystt Christian Rock
Christian Heavy Metal similar to KoRn, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Stryper!
play hi-fi Anthony Hall Pop General
play hi-fi Anthony Hall Acoustic Pop General
play hi-fi Arctic Soul IDM
One man, and one PC.
play hi-fi AtmosFear Techno
Abstract Teckno , icp , twiztid , abk , zugizland , AtmosInk , Spokane
play hi-fi aureate Hip Hop General
honest pure emotion with some clever wordplay
play hi-fi Austin and the Morningside Acoustic Folk
acoustic-folk-alternative, christian, down to earth, honest music.
play hi-fi Bandless Mass Of Jam Beats General
Unorthodox randomness designed to kill pop hop wannabe monkey fucks.
play hi-fi BANGA AnD NITTY Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Beat By Church Beats General
play hi-fi BIG HUMP aka Mr Lemack West Coast
play hi-fi Bigtym Productionz Inc Beats General
Pharrell, neptunes, Mac Dre, Droppy(The Federation),E40,Snoop Dogg
play hi-fi Black Arts Productions Instrumentals with Hooks
Devin w
play hi-fi Black The Sky Heavy Metal
play hi-fi BMBE RECORDS Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Bone Collecta Hip Hop General
play hi-fi BoNity Beats General
play hi-fi Brandon Pyle Acoustic Rock
Mostly acoustic Folk/ Rock, with a little bit 'o soul & jazz sprinkled on top.
play hi-fi Breaknex Hip Hop
play hi-fi Buck Lopez - A Country Rock B.. Country-Rock
We play a mix of retro old timey country and modern rock and roll edginess. Maybe a bit like Hank Williams and Cheap Trick thrown together.
play hi-fi BuckLopezband Folk Rock
Retro, Oldies, Ballads, country, folk, folk rock, americana, country rock, singer, vocals, guitar, lead guitar, harmonica
play hi-fi Butch Cassidy Alternative Hip Hop
Spokane underground Indie hip-hop freestyle rap artist and beat maker 509 northwest, washington edutainment
play hi-fi C-Hyphen Hip Hop General
Real hip-hop. From Underground to mainstream, with some battle lyrics, hot raps, rippin apart beats, with a spoken word. I don't sound like Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, 2Pac, The Notorious BIG, Ludacris, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Nell..
play hi-fi CAPFLOW Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Case Catch Beats General
Quality Beats is where I put my work in to
play hi-fi Cash Bastard Hip Hop General
Spokane, Wa local Cash Bastard, Makes Beats, Spits raps and lives hip-hop. 509 legend Cash Bastard is a freestyle master Smart Style rap shit. Spokane's best Northwest's King Washingtons president!
play hi-fi Cassidiom Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Charles J Whitman Band Other Alternative
Charles J. Whitman, Band, Music, Charles J. Whitman Band, Alt-Rock, Sexy...
play hi-fi Chenito Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Chris Merkling Country General
Country songwriter
play hi-fi Chris Vargas Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Christ's Own Christian Rap
Solo emcee....Christ Centered....Giving God the glory...not the world!
play hi-fi Christandar Entertainment Country General
play hi-fi Clean Productions Beats and Instrumentals
play hi-fi Click an' Spark Entertainment New School
play hi-fi conbattles Battles/Disses
get at me
play hi-fi CP2000 Hip Hop General
PIT rap
play hi-fi CPD79 Alternative General
guitar rock, smashing pumpkins, washington
play hi-fi Creative Youth Studios Hip Hop
play hi-fi crown throne recordz Hip Hop General
play hi-fi D'struction Hip Hop General
Ill rap shit.
play hi-fi Dads Gone Bad Classic Rock
Its DADS GONE BAD ! Four excellent musicians and singers play music that people know and love. Full harmony vocals and fine instrumental work is featured.
play hi-fi David Burpee Alternative Metal

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