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play hi-fi Achilles Flaw Alternative Metal
An energetic fusion of rock, metal and melody that will either ease your mind with a soothing rhythm, or crash your senses with elaborate and precise thrash, stomp and boom.
play hi-fi Alex Nester Soul
play hi-fi Amador Hip Hop General
play hi-fi AUDIOMATIC New School
play hi-fi chlsmo Guitar Rock
play hi-fi Circumsodomy Heavy Metal
Blazing nuclear powered metal from Slimy Valley.
play hi-fi dyeohnyesus Hip Hop
play hi-fi Eric Maldonado Instrumental Rock
play hi-fi Hager Hip Hop
E-mail me at B.hager15@sbcglobal.net if you wanna collab.
play hi-fi Insanity2K Techno
Insane Techno
play hi-fi Joey Bags (US) Beats General
play hi-fi Juampi Rock General
play hi-fi Kamoflawged By Flesh Christian Rap
play hi-fi Katie Kiewit Contemporary Christian
I incorporate gospel-like rock energy with dashes of soul, R&B and pop-country funk influence, and have modified traditional contemporary praise & worship songs to have some musical creativity and spice!
play hi-fi Kris Greer Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Kumar Ullal Traditional Indian
Kishore Kumar, Karaoke singer, Talat Mehmood
play hi-fi Lewanrock Rock General
play hi-fi Loudriver Rock General
play hi-fi Lynette Louise aka The Brain B.. Folk Rock
play hi-fi Mack Harrison Rock General
play hi-fi Manny Guevara R&B/Soul/Pop
The Babyface sound, Lenny Kravitz style, and the Michael Jackson performance.
play hi-fi Mark W Curran Acoustic Rock
If you like Jimmy Buffett, you'll love Mark W. Curran. He writes rock-pop songs with a folk tinged edge, from fast rockers like Route 66Rock to heartfelt ballads like Keep The Flame Alive, a tribute to Elvis. He is an American original. This..
play hi-fi mosaic Hip Hop General
Mosaic is just as the name implies, a medley of styles. One might describe the style as gritty, New York, and at the same time with a touch of that universal vibe that artists like Jay-z have exhibited. In the end, listeners are receiving the perso..
play hi-fi Mosaic Hip Hop Hip Hop General
play hi-fi mystufforyouandme Instrumental Rock
play hi-fi Paul Dixon Instrumental Rock
play hi-fi Phastlane - Lost Tapes Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Randy Carpenter Christian Country
play hi-fi Randy James Burkhardt Rock General
Rock Metal Pop
play hi-fi Rashad Gawad Production's Hip Hop
play hi-fi Start The Panic Punk
Start the Panic. We Rule.
play hi-fi StemCell Research Project Noise
It ranges from dark ambeint megaptera to brutal violent noise like merzbow,wolf eyes to doomy pulsating feedback that will destroy your speakers.also sounds like brighter death now and steelhook prothesis-...
play hi-fi Sunshine (Hip-Hop) Alternative Hip Hop
Sunshine - Universally accepted as the most consistently innovative, bold, and bizarre young MC in hip-hop. Cast out from the outcast
play hi-fi Systems Theory Experimental
Systems Theory is an indie internet project, performing a highly cinematic blend of progressive-rock, space-rock, ambient-electronica, world music and dark-soundtracks. Confusing, huh?
play hi-fi The Bottles Rock n Roll
Rock n roll, jazz, funk, fusion, heavy mellow, Blues
play hi-fi The Fact Lyricly Stable Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi The New Colony Alternative Hip Hop
We have a sound that will make you wonder who we are.
play hi-fi the other band Rock General
the other band features four lead vocalists that use their unique styles to form strong vocal harmonies complimented by a remarkable lead guitar
play hi-fi The Project Shadow Cover Songs
play hi-fi Thee Downfall Pop Punk
Punk Rock alternetive
play hi-fi Track Savage Beats General
play hi-fi unca Bob Country General
play hi-fi Usually Country Beats General
play hi-fi Virus Electro Industrial
Virus Electro, wumpscut, Das Ich, haujobb, velvet acid christ, skinny puppy, andraculoid
play hi-fi Wax Sound Alternative General
play hi-fi xDFXx Experimental

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