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play hi-fi 2Minds Ent Hip Hop General
play hi-fi A Cultivator Positive Vibes
play hi-fi Abu Productions Rock General
play hi-fi Aeolian Circuits Film Music
Film and Classical composition combining the best of electronic ambient and orchestral textures
play hi-fi after sunday Punk
play hi-fi All 4 The Money Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Another White Cat Production Garage Rock
Analog Garage- mining that classic sound with anachronistic recording equiptment; our special way of saying fuck you to all you pro tooled, synthetic rockers.
play hi-fi AOUR Electronica
Aour Is there a rule that says a band requires more than one musician? No, there is nothing in the rule book that states this. AOUR, for that matter is a one man band and sounds like an entire orchestra with an attitude. AOUR started abou..
play hi-fi Archie Hughes Country General
play hi-fi Assylum Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Assylum's wack freestyles Hip Hop General
underground hip-hop,freestyle,eating babies
play hi-fi AV Tha Producer Beats General
play hi-fi Bad Habitz Hip Hop General
Raw/Emotional/Hip-Hop Straight like 6:00! Nuthin' but molten lyrics over smokin' beats!
play hi-fi Banski Hip Hop General Banski is an rapper from Santa Rosa, CA. Livin' A Dream Records is a hip hop record label founded by Banski and Louski the Antidote based in Santa Rosa, CA.
play hi-fi BEATS 4 DAYZ K9 PROductionz Beats General
play hi-fi Ben Creed Folk
piano accordion and vocals
play hi-fi Binary Sea Electronica
Complex and introspective ambient, trance, and retro electronic tracks by two lovers of synthesizers. Melodic, beautiful, and powerful music that enriches the soul!
play hi-fi Bomb Squad 707 Rap-Metal
Rap Core
play hi-fi butchCoolidge Bluegrass
play hi-fi butterfly Experimental
two piece experimental sound/music/noise project.
play hi-fi c-80 Beats and Instrumentals
play hi-fi CALI PRODUCTIONS Beats General
play hi-fi CALI4NIACEZ Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi calismoke Beats General
play hi-fi Calm D Freestyle
Calm-D , Calm D , Santa Rosa , 707 , Hyphy , Slaps , Slumpers , Slapz , Slumpz , Bay Area Danny
play hi-fi champion hairpuller Indie
lo-fi 60's garage band influenced heavily by beatles, nmh, pavement and guided by voices.
play hi-fi cheko loccs West Coast
play hi-fi Christcartel Christian Rap
play hi-fi CREAM ALL DAY Hip Hop General
Ya no who it is young d, lego man, d dubz, and lil savage reppin east bay ,la, paloma, riverside check us out we do wat it do get active gas all day CREAM all day Cash Rules Everything Around Me
play hi-fi Crook-T F.C.G. Hip Hop General
Commercial/street sound im from da hood but i love all music i want all types of ppl to relate to me like i related to music is my goal
play hi-fi CyberStars Bass Rap
play hi-fi d neptune Indie
play hi-fi dan pound Ambient
Dan Pound, creator of atmospheric sound worlds unlike any other, fusing electronic and acoustic sounds together to create an ambient, sensual, shamanic soundscape that both excites and soothes the senses to the core. New age/ world/ electronica at ..
play hi-fi darph nadeR Noise
experimental noise duo, focusing on breaking things and making sounds, usually at the same time.....
play hi-fi derge Heavy Metal
Derge is a band from Santa Rosa, Ca that has been on the scene since the summer of 1997. What started as fun games became a little more serious as the years progressed. With the normal line up changes and freak occurrences that every band go throug..
play hi-fi Desert Eagle Hip Hop
!!HOT BEATS!! Unsigned, looking to be signed.
play hi-fi Devra Wolf Acoustic Folk
Folk accoustic guitar singer songwriter, contemporary women's music.
play hi-fi Dino R DiMuro Avant Rock
play hi-fi DJ Ace 2000 Breakbeat
play hi-fi Dj Extasy Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi DJ GI 05 Hip Hop General
Guilllermo Bravo also known as DJ G.I. has been in the music industry for several years now. Starting out djing in his bedroom, then moving to house parties and high school dances. He is now into the club scene, and very much in to producing hi..
play hi-fi DJ Reality (Mind of Music) Hip Hop
Rap mixed with techno. Hard drums. Often using pianos
play hi-fi DJ Tracer Experimental Sounds
Trance, techno, house, electro, IDM, drum n bass, hardcore, frickin' evrything man!
play hi-fi Don Campau Avant Rock
play hi-fi Donatello (CA) Indie
Santa Rosa, CA two-piece. Indie/emo/pop/whatev.
play hi-fi drinking coffee from counselor.. Experimental
noise rock
play hi-fi E.B.M 326 Hardcore Rap
Real Gutta Money Over Everythang type Katz
play hi-fi Ebb and Flow Dance
If you like Electroclash, Ambient-rock or Trance-pop...
play hi-fi eclectic records Hip Hop General
underground hip-hop
play hi-fi Electric Punishment Power Metal
Blistering SF Bay area metal with a side of fries.

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