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play hi-fi A2daK Hip Hop General
DTCC Indie Label A-2-Da-K emcee/writer/composer/performer/promoter StingerStang emcee cazper emcee/writer theboss306 emcee/writer Rap About What I Know, What I Seen, Life Experience In General Its My Biggest Influence, My Wisdom Only Grows
play hi-fi According To Gabriel Alternative General
play hi-fi AndroidBlues Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Loner Rock
play hi-fi Bilbozo Rock
Guitar, Instrumental, Latin, Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Latino, Latin, Mexico, Rock, Guitar, Guitarist
play hi-fi Brian Hazelbower Country-Rock
Singer/Songwriter, recording artist
play hi-fi Bryce Coulson Electronica
Instrumental songs with techno/trance synths or sampled instruments.
play hi-fi Buddrumming Rock n Roll
I enjoy Studio Drumming now, Audio Production and Engineering. I wish to say this.. THANK YOU TOT HE MUSICAL WORLD!
play hi-fi Canadian Phantom Records Hip Hop
play hi-fi candy man16 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Carol Leynard Band Country-Rock
I'm a Christian Artist first. I can't find a genre to fit myself into on here. I play acoustic guitar. I have the electric guitar back-up etc. Most of my songs are Christian Contemporary, Country Gospel, Country Rock.
play hi-fi Cartello Records Hip Hop
Hip hop, gangsta, mainstream, urban,
play hi-fi Chuck Beats Hip Hop General
play hi-fi D-Dose Hip Hop
D-Dose the brother duo from Vancouver Island .
play hi-fi Darren Anderson Contemporary
New contemporary classical artist.
play hi-fi Devbo Hip Hop
play hi-fi Dirty Uncle Herb New School
Ill Hip Hop flavour, The herbsmen Rocking the beats with all the sickness spitting rhymes, were raw like a dead cow
play hi-fi Dj Ai Beats Hip Hop
play hi-fi Dj Ai the NYB Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Doors Wide Open Acoustic Rock
solo acoustic, acoustic, rock, soft rock
play hi-fi ElizabethMCarlson R&B/Soul/Pop
play hi-fi elson Acoustic Guitar
emo/acoustic/rock/folk/beach thats right. i said beach. deal with it.
play hi-fi Evilosity Death/Black Metal
Death Metal, Snuff Metal.
play hi-fi Fergylawl Other Alternative
Fergy. Lawl. Fergylawl.
play hi-fi Gone Wrong Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Gone wrong (250) Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Gypsyland Alternative General
Guitar-Grunge-Rock-Heavy Blues
play hi-fi INNERSOULFLOW Hip Hop
play hi-fi iseizure New School
Nanaimo residing, Vernon Born, Hip Hop Producer, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
play hi-fi Jaysnipez01 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi jetsonmusic Hip Hop
play hi-fi Jordan Davies Acoustic General
Acoustic, Funk, Blues, Pop
play hi-fi killum j (CAN) Smooth
rap/ hip hop its consists of both soft and *gangsta* rapps
play hi-fi Lobotomy Kids Grunge
We play punk/rock music, with punk chords and intensions, with heavy distortion.
play hi-fi Mikey Steez Hip Hop General
Van Isle Style underground hiphop
play hi-fi mister noiseman Experimental
play hi-fi MrSinistar Hip Hop
play hi-fi Neion East Coast
play hi-fi Nick Paisley Folk
play hi-fi nigga mike Hip Hop General
nigga MIKE
play hi-fi norin Heavy Metal
play hi-fi Panhandler Productions Hip Hop General
a crew from Nanaimo and Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada, eh some independant hip hop ish.
play hi-fi Paradox Entertainment Hip Hop General
A collective of rappers and producers
play hi-fi Park Bench Prophets Alternative Hip Hop
People who make music.
play hi-fi Prodigal Soul Positive Vibes
Stop looking.This is what you wanna hear.
play hi-fi Ric Lafontaine Acoustic Folk
singer songwriter
play hi-fi Ripped Vinyl Heavy Metal
play hi-fi SCMicro Hip Hop General
Micro,Cosmik,Mac Moon
play hi-fi Scotto Hip Hop General
Get at me for some hot beats.
play hi-fi Serotone-The-Band Progressive Rock
Serotone Hard Rock Band From Nanaimo & Vancouver
play hi-fi Smokez 13 Hip Hop

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