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play hi-fi 40C Productions Beats General
Makin fire
play hi-fi 83 Beats General
play hi-fi A-Dog Productions Beats General
Im an up-and-coming producer, still developing my sound/style. My program of choice is Reason4. Im not a pro with it yet, but soon i'll get it all down to an art... I started out making grimey beats (still do), but now im into the more acoustical stuff.
play hi-fi AliCain Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Atey83 Beats General
play hi-fi Beats go Fed Beats General
beats go fed
play hi-fi Beatz By Codine Dirty South
play hi-fi Beatz Go Fed Beats General
play hi-fi Beatz Go Fed Productionz Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Big Johnson's Tattoo Studios Blues Rock
play hi-fi Big Tigga Freestyle
play hi-fi Bigg Deky tha Bookertorian Klo.. New School
play hi-fi Biggie Giebig Hip Hop
play hi-fi Biggz Giebig Hip Hop
play hi-fi Black Market Ministry (US) Punk
This is the part where bands inform you, the listener/reader, about how the band formed and what they are "about." It's usually an autobiography, and once I read one of these literary masterpieces, I can't help asking myself, "Is this what the band reall
play hi-fi Bon3 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Bruce Davis Rock n Roll
play hi-fi CAPITAL ME Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Choppa Musik's Karupt-Tune Bea.. Beats General
play hi-fi ColdBlooded Killer Hardcore Rap
Best scratch dj in North Louisiana, period... Best producer in North Louisiana, period... Pretty damn good rapper on top of all of that.
play hi-fi COSS CALLAS Hip Hop General
play hi-fi COSS CALLERS Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Da Graphix Mane Club Bangas
play hi-fi Damon Nailer Christian Rap
Anointed and versatile are two words that can describe this artist. His style can't be put into one category. He attempts to represent each style of hiphop.
play hi-fi David S Gore Country General
BMI Singer/Songwriter. For additional information, visit David S. Gore online at or at
play hi-fi DDogg Hip Hop General
D-Dogg is currently one of the best freestylers in his area. he is not THE best...but very close. He has improved from his 12-year old rhymes and turned into a lyricst's worst nightmare.
play hi-fi Demagog Hip Hop General
Join Straight lyrics that fake dudes mimic/ But I got dis verse fa sale/ What Im hearing is stale/ Could dey step dey game up/ Mares/ Oh da word was ass/ Cause dey stubborn like a mule /I was born fa one reason /Thats t..
play hi-fi DJDreamCh4se Trap
play hi-fi Don Kellogg General Comedy
play hi-fi dopeboi aka d-boi Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Dream20 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Get Money Boyz318 Bass Rap
play hi-fi Gullotine Hip Hop
Now playing: Gullotine
play hi-fi Headboy Musik Beats General
Beats To Rap To| Buy Beats Online | Hip Hop Beats| Rap Beats
play hi-fi InfamousGWhyte Hardcore Rap
Lyrically Perfect
play hi-fi J-will318 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi JAM BAILEY Hip Hop
play hi-fi JAZ2KOLD PRODUCTIONS Beats General
play hi-fi Jazz Da Don (Official) Christian Rap
play hi-fi Kaion Wesley Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Killa Graham Hip Hop General
play hi-fi king al hefner Beats General
play hi-fi Krazyy and Cash Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi KrEaTioN816 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi LA DOLGE Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi LegendaryGrim1 Hip Hop General
as real as it gets
play hi-fi Leonidaz Hip Hop
play hi-fi Life Through Brotherhood Freestyle
play hi-fi Lil Sino Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi lil' dee badazz New School
we rap make hiphopr@b

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