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play hi-fi 'Mumbo Jumbo' (Liverpool-Engl.. Pop Rock
'Mumbo-Jumbo' 'Living For The City'
play hi-fi 1992 Ambient
Electronic, Ambient, Acoustic, Weird
play hi-fi 2die4ent Hip Hop General
play hi-fi 2Die4Ent Beats Beats General
Liverpool Beats for sale, produced by DyNamic of 2Die4Ent.
play hi-fi A Davison Hip Hop
play hi-fi A Nameless Endearment Electronica
Noise. Melody. Blast Beats. Electro. Samples. There's my thingie. yeah. doom.
play hi-fi Absense Hip Hop General
play hi-fi ACETATE COWBOYS Electronica
play hi-fi Acoustic Tales Acoustic General
Acoustic Tales is the band of singersongwriter Joan Foulkes
play hi-fi AIRFAITH Alternative General
mix hip hop indie rock emo pink floyd faithless groove funky liverpool uk leeds beatles killers kasabian cure guitar electronic synth pop dance experimental new top wierd crazy genre
play hi-fi aishes Acoustic General
play hi-fi Alistair Primrose Film Music
play hi-fi All One R&B/Soul/Pop
Soul, R&B, Reggae, Swing Beat, New Jack Swing
play hi-fi Alterkicks Indie
Frantic indie band from Liverpool with beautiful melodies and memorable lyrics.
play hi-fi Ampulae of Lorenzini Experimental
play hi-fi Anechoic Dance
techno acid dance trance hard fast dark blah blah woob woob
play hi-fi anti freakafiles Freestyle
play hi-fi aPAtT Avant Rock
apatt, aPAtT , music, free, quality, metal, best,l iverpool , experimental, odd, goth, grind, the residents, sex, sex , humous, coffee, live , Pickled Egg , shoe buff, mr bungle, need new body, henry cow, gong,
play hi-fi apocalypse2003 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi aroura Trance
trance electronically composed music
play hi-fi Avant Gardner Experimental
Solo Artist
play hi-fi Away With The Fairies Rock General
Well its just me,Brit pop,rock,psychadelic,merseybeat,
play hi-fi BDTheProducer Beats General
play hi-fi BDV Guitar Rock
beer metal rock music guitar
play hi-fi Ben Blance Alternative General
Fragile Moon members...
Emily Barden(vocals), Peter Tickell (violin), Dave Hastie (vocals), Carrie Churnside (cello), Paul Smith (Drums), Adam Millington (Mandolin), Darren Lamb (Keyboard), Ali reay (guitar), Hazel Hanley (double bass)
play hi-fi Benet Corkill Electronica
play hi-fi BERINO Electronica
electronica based beats and tunes covering dance, house, techno, trance and mellow grooves.
play hi-fi Blackadder Beats General
play hi-fi Blizz L Hip Hop General
UK emcee, British emcee, UK MC, British MC, Hiphop, rap, Liverpool, HOT rhymes, HOT beats, british hiphop, bristish rap
play hi-fi bluet0nic Mellow
rock mellow electronica acoustic maddness
play hi-fi Bombed out priests Alternative Metal
play hi-fi Brian Jay Smooth R&B
He is the best R&B/Hip-Hop Star from liverpe ukool in th
play hi-fi Brother Indie
play hi-fi Bruffell Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Burnham Trip Hop
play hi-fi Castle Wasabi Guitar Rock
5-piece rock band from Liverpool influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, The Smiths, Joy Division, Pixies, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Elvis, The Who, The Doors, At The Drive-In............
play hi-fi Cayenne Electronica
Electronic music with a hint of humour
play hi-fi CENTRAL DENSE Industrial
Sounding like a modern crossover of traditional dance genres (D'n'b, Techno, Breaks, Trance) and metal, Central Dense were a Liverpool-based Industrial band, running as a live act from 2002-5, currently defunct.
play hi-fi Christian Macklin Alternative General
28 year old guitarist and avid home recording type bloke based in Liverpool. Looking for a band!
play hi-fi circle master Acoustic Rock
play hi-fi ComPleX (Liverpool) Old School
play hi-fi Corridor Indie
Corridor, we keep the walls from closing in
play hi-fi cricketers Dance
play hi-fi Curious Critic Beats General
hip hop beats, and more
play hi-fi D to tha P Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Dare Electronica
Electronica Synths
play hi-fi Dark Draven Acoustic Guitar
play hi-fi David Neville King Acoustic Guitar
Solo singer/guitarist/writer
play hi-fi David Parry Progressive Rock
I play the keyboards and produce mainly solo compositions and sometimes jam in bands and with other musicians My main influences are Tangerine Dream Mike Oldfield Pink Floyd Steve Winwood Miles Davis Ramsey Lewis and Lenny Kravitz My music is 9
play hi-fi DEADAIRDAVE Dance
Dance, Trance & Parapara Producer.

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