Don Coda
They Finna Hate (Hook) *Radio Ready*
Instrumentals with Hooks
Hook by Mucho Denaro. ALL FREE DOWNLOADS ARE FOR PROMO USE ONLY!!! Purchase a lease on this beat for $49.99!!! For any questions about licensing email me at Mixed by Sean Divine.
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Dave Chappelle 2 pac Souljah Boy
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Underground hiphop Nerdcore
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profesional female vocals for hire Credits include HBO, NBC, Comedy Central, The WB, Lifetime & more...
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SOPHISTICATED ELECTRONIC POP FOR US/EURO TYPES: Boys & Girls, get a load of Artie Q; you won't be disappointed! New book & cd @ Check it!
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Beats For Sale
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post-music surreal absurd oblique high comedy hallucinogen hallucinatory uncategorizable unclassifiable beats spoken word meta-comedy robots robotic hyper-eclectic groovy antithesis to the times
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avante garde
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New WestCoast Producer with a NewAge Hip Hop sound!! Worked with SNOOP LION, DAVID BANNER, KERI HILLSON, DORROUGH, USHER, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE & MORE!!! I have beats for everyone! East, West, North or South, where ever your from I have a sound for u!!!
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