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play hi-fi 2Kdot Grime
grime,hip hop,kdot,music,140,low,bass,ipswich,london,rnb,bpm
play hi-fi 64 d j records Gangsta
DJ, d j, records
play hi-fi 666christ777 Experimental Sounds
Bass pumpin, body jumpin, low flying, high flying swooping in and out of multi dimensional realities.
play hi-fi Agent Red Grunge
alternative, angry, anti-nazi delinquents with a dream.
play hi-fi alex garnett Blues General
play hi-fi alharrass Other Alternative
An atmospheric blend of post-rock and electronica with a dual, male/female vocal delivery
play hi-fi ANONYMOUSANDBIIG New School
play hi-fi Apesoundscapes Breakbeat
An amalgamation of science, jungle, breakbeats, guitars, technology, bass, harmony, mad samples, me, and the world around me.
All Digi-riginal of course.
play hi-fi astroboy Electronica
play hi-fi Bondsan Experimental Sounds
Chris & Simon
play hi-fi cruzharo Beats and Instrumentals
demo beats
play hi-fi dan brazier Cover Songs
play hi-fi Digital Future Trance
Drum & Bass act from the UK, been compared with the likes of Mampi Swift & and the sratch master supreme.... DJ Hype. Also dabble in a little Progressive Trance and Prog House.
play hi-fi DJ 456 Hip Hop
The UKs own DJ 456, of First Son Records, has been honing his skills in the more technical aspects of DJing for over a decade.
play hi-fi DJ CyClone (UK) Hip Hop General
Hip Hop Remixes
play hi-fi DJ Nifty (UK Drum and Bass) Drum n Bass
DJ Nifty Drum and Bass UK Ipswich
play hi-fi Elly Tree Acoustic General
play hi-fi endorphin trigger Electronica
electronica with occasional vocals
play hi-fi enp Alternative General
erratic, electronic, eclectic. Nice, nasty, nauseating. Peaceful, pleasing, pink. Enp means a number of things. The person behind all instruments and tweakings, except when mentioned, is Simon Heath. The genre setting gives a fair amount of leeway..
play hi-fi FuzzyFeltz Electro-hop
Low Fi Beats trip hop Distorted Electronic blip hop
play hi-fi GJDK Progressive Rock
play hi-fi Grocks' Glemham Hall Sessions Experimental
a bunch of people trying to make a listenable racket and helping Grock get the sack.
play hi-fi grooveuk Electro-hop
This page is where I post random things from the Groove UK studio.
play hi-fi Hayze Guitar Rock
guitar pop, rock, indie,
play hi-fi Hopstar1 Grime
Im a 15 year old from ipswich Its all about grime
play hi-fi Ian S Pop General
Instrumentals Remixes
play hi-fi IDP Productions Gangsta
Production of music for all users
play hi-fi IDP Productions 2008 Hip Hop
Hip hop beats rnb
play hi-fi Ivan Gibson Country-Pop
Single, solo.
play hi-fi J Double Guitar Rock
Solo artist. Mix of different Rock music.
play hi-fi Kid Chaos Electro-hop
Electro. Past. Present. Future. Chaotic.
play hi-fi Kiss The Mistress Traditional Celtic
Celtic roots and European folk traditions inspires their rich, sonorous arrangements, complex textures and time signatures. Voices,'cello and accordion are supported by guitar, whistle and percussion creating a dynamic and exciting sound.
play hi-fi koolkevdj Trance
trance and house producer
play hi-fi Litmus G Beats General
play hi-fi LORENZOBEATZ Gangsta
play hi-fi Lyrical Monogamy Freestyle
Lyrical Monogamy!
play hi-fi mayhem(mex-mecks) Hip Hop
play hi-fi Mizi Electronica
We write mellow funky tunes. Music you can sit and listen to and enjoy, but at the same time music you can get up and have a dance to.
play hi-fi More-Ton Beats Hip Hop
play hi-fi mrdotstretch Beats General
one man band o and his computer
play hi-fi Muckaniks Trap
play hi-fi MY Revenue Drum n Bass
play hi-fi Nmomn Pop General
Nmomn is a project based in many mediums but revolving around music as a central point. Nmomn is experimental, it is strange, but it isn't meant to alienate people. Nmomn is just the music that is in my head and I want to share with the world.
play hi-fi Original Instinct Acoustic General
play hi-fi paradroid Electronica
dark bass with electro or trip hop beats and synth soundscapes. occasional samples.
play hi-fi Phil Gardner Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic guitar pop, with a bit of folk, and the occasional thrash metal guitar just for shock value.
play hi-fi PlanetaryProductions R&B
play hi-fi Psilocybe Rock General
Ipswich based rock band
play hi-fi Ray and Co Experimental
play hi-fi Ray and Simon Blues General

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