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play hi-fi Ajayy Music Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Bahe Whitethorne Jr Experimental
Native Alternative Electronic TripHop Rock
play hi-fi Basic Nutrients IDM
play hi-fi bioLogic Indie
Some sort of strange, indie, electronic/rock/technopop I can't put my head around, for labeling purposes. You tell me.
play hi-fi Blame Jesus Instrumental Rock
the band formerly known as 2 hours of bliss. formed out of flagstaff, AZ on july 29th, 2004... under a blue moon...
play hi-fi Clarity AKA TK Freestyle
play hi-fi Clothing Acoustic Folk
clothing was formed as the result of a misunderstanding over the phone.
play hi-fi cphase Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Darkpoet Poetry
Dark abstract spoken word
play hi-fi Dead Era Indietronic
play hi-fi DeEJay Mac Techno
All kinds of samples, Beats, phat sounds.
play hi-fi Deluge Collective Experimental
play hi-fi DJ KISS and YAIVA Positive Vibes
play hi-fi DJ Young Native Hip Hop General
Straight Hip-Hop...underground to that jiggy shit.
play hi-fi Dogsoldierz Hip Hop General
Native Hip Hop group off of the Navajo Nation, Az.
play hi-fi DramaMC Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Elemental (USA) Heavy Metal
One person Doom Metal band.

I hope to expand to a full band when I move.
play hi-fi Esoteric Sisterhood of the Whi.. Experimental
Esoteric Sisterhood of the White Raven is one of many brainchildren of artist/psychonaut Pedro Dia. a conceptual art rock band whose few gatherings have led to this collection of songs. sketches of occult futures, complete with exploding whales... ..
play hi-fi Flagstaff Song Circle Acoustic General
play hi-fi Friend or foe entertainment Hip Hop
We are individual hip hop and R&B artists. We make beats, and we come with that fire. ..</td
play hi-fi HBPRODUCTIONS928 Beats General
hbproductions established 2007 in flagstaff,Az (928)
play hi-fi Independent Noise Party Noise
Independent Noise Party was formed September 2000 by Reverends Doug Arnett and Kendall & Carrie Ann Vesica Piscis, as an improvisational, open ended free-musicians faith-based organization (cult) and has since expanded with temples throughout all p..
play hi-fi ISOLATION TRIP Heavy Metal
Hardcore shit
play hi-fi Jay-Ro Musik Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi Killer Wail Surf Rock
play hi-fi Lil Ze Productions Hip Hop
play hi-fi Lucid Abyss (US) Ambient
A mix of down tempo electronica, with a slight touch of jazz overtones, with ambient, lyrical vocals.
play hi-fi Mercury Rhythm Indie
play hi-fi Milla Raspa Experimental
post-industrial, punk, tribal, psychedelic, bashing
play hi-fi Mostage Heavy Metal
Metal Progressive Rock Acoustic
play hi-fi Nethalyn Musical
play hi-fi Panoptic Eyes Indietronic
play hi-fi penumbra Indie
experimental sonic rock, fresh out of the mind of a kid and off the crystaline hard-drive of an ass-hole computer. (lap-top rock?/sonic sensitivity?/gothic psychedelia?/ industrial-tainted ethereality?)thoughfulness and spontaneaty
play hi-fi Portable Darkness Electronica
Portable Darkness is enigmatic sleep music, or psychedelic weekend music, or empathetic mood music; or if you prefer, just plain and simple night time jogging music...
play hi-fi Post Modern Indie Indie
play hi-fi Prey To Nothing Death/Black Metal
play hi-fi Quixotic Productions Beats General
play hi-fi R3DF0X Electronica
I am so awesomely described in only 43 characters. :)
play hi-fi Reverend Joe Electronica
One guy in a darkened room with a PC.
play hi-fi Rising Sun'z Production'z Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Robotronic Cover Songs
play hi-fi Running Devil Instrumental Rock
play hi-fi Savage Boy Hip Hop General
Savage Boy
play hi-fi Scott Phillips Classical
play hi-fi Setting Up Shop (FLG) Indie
play hi-fi SOUTH WEST CONECTON Freestyle
play hi-fi States Of The Mind Indietronic
Experimental electronica with a taste of rock influence, (Rocktronica). Inspired by the great habitat of Northern Arizona.
play hi-fi String Theory (FLG) Alternative General
play hi-fi Studio X Products Hip Hop General
Southwest flavoring giving freaks a leak in between the sheets...
play hi-fi T and A Crew Hip Hop General
T & A

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