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play hi-fi 0LosingReality0 Death/Black Metal
play hi-fi 5th Quarter Hip Hop General
5th Quarter
play hi-fi BasedLegendYB New School
Im a cool dude trying to show the world that the new school is great music! I wake up to a bowl of swagger everyday and wash it down with a drink of Fresh.... LETS GOOOOOO!! LEADER OF THE NEW SCHOOL!
play hi-fi Bobby Phillipps Instrumental Rock
play hi-fi Charles Billiris Blues Rock
play hi-fi checmatetheproducer Beats General
play hi-fi Chris Alma Jose Guitar Rock
Singer/Songwriter, Producer
play hi-fi Crazy Maniak Hip Hop General
Crazy, Hip Hop, Rap
play hi-fi CubitE Alternative Hip Hop
Too Great.
play hi-fi Et-2 Hip Hop General
White rapper from Wyoming.
play hi-fi Flames and Black Roses Alternative General
play hi-fi Frijid Hip Hop General
STB RECORDS artist Frijid & Cold-Hearted Productions (A sub-division of STB)
play hi-fi Grim Beats Beats General
Grim beats
play hi-fi JDEPT Hardcore Rap
hip hop
hardcore rap
play hi-fi Kalishnikov Industrial
We are a soviet-themed electronic/industrial band using softsynths, metal objects, and many classical instruments (piano, strings, etc.) We classify ourselves as Folk Noise.
play hi-fi Kev Carlson General Latin
Latin,Reggae,World Beat Kevin Carlson,Carlson and Chambers,the kooks,dreamin,run,midlle of the road
play hi-fi KK KREUTZER Guitar Rock
The Ultimate Power Rocker
play hi-fi KOA BKA THE MAD MAN Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Larry Jacobsen Acoustic Guitar
Larry plays guitar!
play hi-fi Lil wicked kid Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Melodic Manifestation Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Mister Coffee and the Grounds .. Blues General
Mister Coffee - It's been a wonderfully long road for these blues musicians - we are definitely cranked up to keep playing some really AWESOME blues, and as they say, Let the Groove Thang' Hit Ya!
play hi-fi MURDER (Mean Ugly Rivetheads D.. Noise
Mean Ugly Rivetheads is gritty urban powernoise.
play hi-fi newby Beats General
play hi-fi NyN Records Hip Hop General
hip hop, r&b, rap, thug, club,
play hi-fi old6strng Acoustic General
play hi-fi Psiganyata Experimental Sounds
Experimental govnu..
play hi-fi PSPBEATZ Beats General
play hi-fi Reboot The Robot Indie
Acoustically driven music about life.
play hi-fi Red Menace Games Soundtrack
Militant, aggressive VGM
play hi-fi Shorty Rodgers Beats Beats General
Not commercial All original!!!!
play hi-fi Sky Hi9h Entertainment Hip Hop General
Livin' Life Sky High...
play hi-fi SoulfulONE aKa Shorty Rodgers Hip Hop General
That Damn Good!!!
play hi-fi spooky loc Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi ST.PAUL Hip Hop General
play hi-fi STB RECORDS Hip Hop General
South Town Boy Records (A label out the West & Southwest) Artists include: Ciz, Frijid, Zero! (Dozr Demolition, Ese Boracho, Cerote), Crazy MC, and Teardrop a.k.a. LiL Dee (Other groups/companies include: South Town Clika & Cold-Hearted Productions)
play hi-fi Suthernfryd Ent Gangsta
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play hi-fi SweptAway Christian Rock
SweptAway, a christian, pop-rock/worship band. Ty DesEnfants, PaulBraddy, Taylor Collins, Mark Weilang and Kai Schon.
play hi-fi Tha Kid KonShens New School
Whas Gud Wit Cha Folks, This Be The One And Only True Prince Of Hip Hop Konhens aka D. Short "The Prince" aka Okie Boy aka Buggsy Malone. Im a cool ass nigga who is down 4 what ever when ever no homo. I was born in Aroura Co, and then moved all over the
play hi-fi tha villain Hardcore Rap
chicano rapper bringing heat to the rap game and the streets.......his name is Villain and he is one of the hardest rappers around......tongue twisting skills top of his abilities on the mic so if u like pure gangsta shit then peep his page..........
play hi-fi Thomas Ritter Acoustic Rock
Thomas Ritter, Acoustic rock in his own style!
play hi-fi vashawtie Alternative General
jus hit me up..
play hi-fi Villain Da Pimp Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi Wazy aka Lil C Hip Hop

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