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play hi-fi (WMP) Weapons Of Mass Producti.. Beats General
play hi-fi (WOAH) WERE ON ANOTHER HUSTLE Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (WSK) West Side Krew Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi (wta) nes Freestyle
play hi-fi (YFL)Yung Fresh Lil Lyn Hip Hop General
play hi-fi (YGB)38 Hott Hip Hop General
Tha Truth,The Next Big project 4 the music business
play hi-fi (YH)YOUNG HUSTLER(YH) Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi (YOUNG MONEY)123 Freestyle
play hi-fi (YOUNG MONEY)only 14 yrs old Freestyle
play hi-fi (your) Myke Electronica
play hi-fi (YPC) Yung Papa Chasa Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi (yt) yung thrakz Bass Rap
yung thrakz
play hi-fi (YWF) Beatx Hip Hop
play hi-fi )( Young StyleZ )( Offical Mus.. New School
play hi-fi *deep*6* Rock General
Deep 6 is a new band in the New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey music scene. 4 song, original CD demo available in Oct!!! http://www.deepsixmusic.com
play hi-fi *GeMi* Funky R&B
play hi-fi *Nova* Hip Hop General
play hi-fi - ll TREZ ZULOTERAZ ll - Hip Hop - Asian
play hi-fi - Nustar Entertainment - Instrumentals with Hooks
play hi-fi - reevolution - Hip Hop
Hip-Hop Rap Beats Underground Bangers
play hi-fi - TG - (Dor4k) Hip Hop
Always loved music when I was younger, but never took it seriously.. now im back on it trying to get better and do better enjoy.
play hi-fi -( STRiCT )- MD Heavy Metal
Just me, but to break it down: Vocals - STRiCT (Zeb on Corporate Government) Left Guitar - STRiCT Right Guitar - STRiCT Bass Guitar - STRiCT Drums - STRiCT Post Production - STRiCT High Times into Hardcore Metal in one day!
play hi-fi -(Analeptic)- Hip Hop General
I'm a producer/rapper.
play hi-fi -(TAB)-The Original Hip Hop General
New York Producer/Rapper
play hi-fi ------------------------------.. Hip Hop General
Female East Coast Up North Flava Mixed with male Down South Flow
play hi-fi ---Fue-Shun--- Hip Hop General
up comming artist lookin to get signed
play hi-fi ---jek--- Hip Hop General
jek,jekel,jekkle,pimp,rap,hip hop, masta pimpsta, i jus pimped ur mom
play hi-fi ---Lor3n--- Latin
play hi-fi ---wOrK-wOrDz--- (US) Hip Hop General
im ill
play hi-fi --Aquarius--(Che Gutierrez) Rock n Roll
Che Gutierrez, singer/songwriter
play hi-fi --Infamous Instruments-- Hip Hop
This Your Boy Nev At Infamous Instruments/Smartas ENT. We Got Them Club Bangas And Them Soulful R&B Tracks. Whatever Your Style Lemme Know And We Can Work On It For You. Here Are A Few Samples Lemme Know What You Like.
play hi-fi --MaToK-- Alternative Hip Hop
Experimental hip hop with a passionate voice. Nothing Like it.
play hi-fi --PoiNT BlaNK--89 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi --Redemption--(FL) Christian Rap
play hi-fi -008' Beats Hip Hop General
play hi-fi -120 BELOWProductions Beats General
play hi-fi -13 Amp- 13 Million Reasons 20.. Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi -13 Amp- aka HiTTMaNN Battles/Disses
play hi-fi -13 Amp- GeT ProFesSIONal HeLP.. Hip Hop General
play hi-fi -13 Amp- Mental ILLness ep 200.. Hip Hop General
play hi-fi -3rd world mafia-(VA) Hip Hop General
Hip Hop/Rap/R&B
play hi-fi -4-kingz-futur3 Freestyle
4 kingz
play hi-fi -A-C-E- 21 Hip Hop
play hi-fi -Aby$$- Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi -ADoNuS- Hip Hop General
NyCe THaTS aLL u NeeD 2 KNoW
play hi-fi -Angel713- Hip Hop General
play hi-fi -arpeggiodirtbag-(US) Avant Rock
play hi-fi -Averis- (NC) Hip Hop General
White and nerdy. Now, with 25% more nerd.
play hi-fi -averse- Acoustic Guitar
play hi-fi -BABY DR3- New School
ORIGINAL, Hip Hop, Rap, New School

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