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Phony Calls

Release Date: Dec 12, 2005
Total Songs: 7
Genre: Comedy > Prank Calls

These are top-notch radio pranks by a group of friends


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play lo-fi play hi-fi 1   Batman Prank Calls College Radio 4:46 128
play lo-fi play hi-fi 2   The Farting Preacher Calls Into Radio Station 4:22 128
play lo-fi play hi-fi 3   Computer Farts 5:02 128
play lo-fi play hi-fi 4   The Farting Professor 8:31 128
play lo-fi play hi-fi 5   Kid Calls In Stoned 2:41 128
6   Elementary School Teacher 1:14 128
play lo-fi play hi-fi 7   The Farting Preacher Calls Back 5:46 128
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