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This is a song written in 1987 by Galleon leader Elliott Michaels. The lyrics, which are about the homeless and what we all need to do to help them, mean even more today than they did 30 years ago!
Old R&B/Big Band/Rock'n'Roll 50s style thing.
3 dimensions are not enough! ;-) Enjoy! -= Credits =- Prod By: ScAnFrEaK Cover Art: wallpapers4k
Here It Is Fans, "Hot Stuff". This is the beginning of a new era of rappers, more to come! Thank You for supporting me and listening to my music, I wouldn't be doing it without you guys! -= Credits =- Cover Art: Nata
Humanity still has a chance... Love lasts everyday! Enjoy Ya'll!! Love the support ! -= Credits =- Cover Art: Wallpapers4k
This one goes out to all the loyal supporters of 420 and I am releasing early for the Stoners on the other side of the planet! Enjoy Big Thanks to TK Green for the fire you brought Homie! -= Credits =- Feature: TK Green (Look him up on all platfo
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