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Mystical sounding verses flower into a catchy, melodic chorus, depicting a couple living in the shadows and dealing constructively with inner ghosts and issues. My current favorite.
A song about a broken system and people coming together.
RIse is a Heavy Metal song about American people uniting and Fighting back against corruption!
Blunt Lyrics about the world around us.
Mysterious and moderately heavy tune pondering America as the actual meaning of Atlantis. Homeric prophecy rather than history or myth?
Ringtone to Benefit Carter Harris
The Impatiens were a short-lived but fun band I played in years ago. We didn't play a single show or do any recordings. All I have are rehearsal recordings on tape. Here are four songs from one of our tapes (I tried to clean up the sound.)
Xmas holiday themed rock song as this month's song created for The Fighter Pilot Podcast.
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Instrumentals - Smooth
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Instrumentals - Trap
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