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Prounounced "e eh pan, e eh eloosis"
There seems to be a market for the bodies of aborted children. It seems to be a substantial market "Follow the money understand the lie"
PsychO-SeXXXual (A Heavy Dose of Anti Repression) naughty Nurse Hatchet administers this deviliciously deviant prescription for your sexual explorational enlightenment & awakening into the New World Sexual Revolution!!!
Psalm 57 says Awake my glory. Awake harp and lyre. Stir the morning dawn with praise.
Thingol Graycoat is one of the Last100. He tells a bit about the Last100. News from the Last 100
A Cover of Shutdown's Thought control!
The Dream of New Land. Vikings on Board of a Vikingship, near a new Land.Coast and Beach ahead. Pull the Ship harder. Mabye there are Treasuries, Cattle and new Land. A Viking Tale. Drums are selfedited, Instruments played by my own.
Unemployed and really poor. If you like my music even a little bit please buy it and help a less fortunate!! And also leave a comment 'bout my mixing so that i can improve!!
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