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The Order of Amazons fights against Bandits
Klaus is Lost in the Kloeterland, the Land of the Lost Things
Winter Sleeps studio instrumental. Needs a vocalist.
Ring a ring a roses of Vampires Dancing Vampires
Hello everyone! We are happy to present you our our first single from the upcoming album and this live session video recorded at High Road studio. We are KARASIQUE - black/doom underground metal band from Volgograd, Russia.
100 Blades for 100 Hands Dragonblood Magical Blades
This is our cover for one of our favorite band Gojira, who inspired us to learn and record this song. Hope you will enjoy it. All rights to the song belong to Gojira and all of it members.
Remastered of "2001 - 2007..." album
Prounounced "e eh pan, e eh eloosis"
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