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Old R&B/Big Band/Rock'n'Roll 50s style thing.
3 dimensions are not enough! ;-) Enjoy! -= Credits =- Prod By: ScAnFrEaK Cover Art: wallpapers4k
Here It Is Fans, "Hot Stuff". This is the beginning of a new era of rappers, more to come! Thank You for supporting me and listening to my music, I wouldn't be doing it without you guys! -= Credits =- Cover Art: Nata
Humanity still has a chance... Love lasts everyday! Enjoy Ya'll!! Love the support ! -= Credits =- Cover Art: Wallpapers4k
This one goes out to all the loyal supporters of 420 and I am releasing early for the Stoners on the other side of the planet! Enjoy Big Thanks to TK Green for the fire you brought Homie! -= Credits =- Feature: TK Green (Look him up on all platfo
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Classic boombap atmosphere. Feel the vibes.
Dark classic boombap like a from golden 90!
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Lil Pump Type Beat | Eminem Type Beat
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