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Daddy's Blues
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Minor blues with some Christian/Bibical imagery
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William C. Daviet
August 14, 2008
MP3 4.2 MB, 128 kbps, 4:32
Story behind the song
I wrote this song one morning after receiving a call that my father had suffered a major heart attack. It is not highly "commercial", but spoke to who he was and the values he demonstrated. Maybe others who have lost a loved one will relate and receive some comfort.
Verse 1 * My daddy taught me that there is a right way to live * My daddy taught me a man needs to learn to forgive * It ain’t always easy, to live in a world filled with sin. * Verse 2 * My daddy taught me that actions speak louder than words * My daddy taught me you don’t need to shout to be heard * A voice raised in anger, somebody’s gonna get hurt. * Verse 3* My daddy taught me a man can be gentle and kind * My daddy taught me a man can be larger than life * A friend to his children, faithful to his wife * Verse 4 * My daddy taught me to make my own choices in life * That faith is important, humility wins over strife * Whatever you sow in your garden, is what you’ll reap later in life. * Verse 5 * My daddy there’s one thing that he never taught me in life * He never taught me a good way to tell him goodbye * I miss you daddy, well I love you, but it still hurts me on the inside. * You know I miss you daddy, and I love you, but it still hurts me on the inside.
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