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Sludgy fun in 3/4 time. Joe DeCristopher plays guitar, bass and drum programming. George Potor plays guitar and sings.
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Peak #175
Peak in subgenre #31
George Potor
August 24, 2008
MP3 4.4 MB, 128 kbps, 4:46
Story behind the song
Viktor Bout was arrested in the spring of 2008 while visiting Thailand. He's said to have sold and delivered weapons to all sorts of folks all over the world. This song just barely scratches the surface of his activities.
1 Viktor Bout has got no rules; He's glad to sell some guns: RPGs, Kalashnikovs, He'll make a late-night run. Rocket grenades for bags of diamonds, Suitcases jammed full of gold, Angola, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Are some of the places he'll go. Overnight delivery, Ilyushin flies it in. One rule of business: "An empty plane is a sin." CHORUS: The victor is Viktor, the entrepreneur; There's nothing that he won't supply. There's weapons for winners, and weapons for losers; He's happy to arm every side. 2 Hezbollah in Lebanon, US invading Iraq, Taliban take over Kandahar, Northern Alliance attacks, Liberian kids are on the front line, Dictators without any hearts Couldn't continue to wage their wars If nobody shipped 'em the parts. Service the Surface to Air; You'll be fully equipped. Mortars, machine guns Mounted on any gunship. 3 Air Bas, General Trading, Centrafricain Air, Irbus, Jet Line, Yuralex in Delaware; KBR, Abu Sayyaf, Movements spurned by the West, Charles Taylor, Jonas Savimbi, Al-Qaeda, Federal Express. Overnight delivery, Ilyushin flies it in. One rule of business: "An empty plane is a sin." CHORUS
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