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somewhere in time
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me and my guitar...with love to my grandmother...
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shaun hull
April 21, 2007
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Story behind the song
this song and accompanying lyrics are a tribute to my grandmother who died in a car crash in 1989 which simply destroyed me...she was my best friend, bought me my first guitar, sang to me when i was a child and listened to me when i was a man...i saw her in a dream one night and woke up feeling so, i don't know, happy and sad at the same timea€¦just a chance to see her again was so soulful, like she was coming down to say something to me...to this day i try to dream of her but have not since the morning i wrote this song...god i do miss her so =z=-
somewhere in time... hey, is that your face i thought erased seems long ago you were misplaced wait, dona€™t turn away therea€™s many words you never heard i want to say walk awhile with me then slip back quietly to the night you, i miss your smile ita€™s still in style your taste was sweet and so complete and me, i am a mess my fault i guess here comes the rain to do its best outside in the rain you can hide your tears but not the pain stay, i know you cana€™t stay just one more touch then fly away just like a dove goodbye my love goodbye my lovea€¦repeat, end
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