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I've Been Up On the Mountain
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The Passover story, old-time country style. Back-up vocals by Jody Kolodzey, Joel Landy, and Eric Levine. Fiddle solo by Gina Tlamsa.
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Steve Suffet
Steve Suffet
September 04, 2006
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song to sing at a Passover seder.
I'VE BEEN UP ON THE MOUNTAIN Words and music: Steve Suffet © Start on chorus: I've been up on the mountain and I've seen the land below, It's a Land of Milk and Honey where we're gonna go, Although I may not make it across the desert sand, I've been up on the mountain and I've seen the Promised Land. 1. Many, many years ago, back in Pharaoh's days, There lived a man named Moses, by a princess he was raised, He led the Hebrew children out of Egypt's land, Then he climbed up on the mountain and he spied the Promised Land. [repeat chorus] 2. We toiled hard in Egypt from the moment we were born, We've had enough of masters, their monuments we scorn, But slavery's now behind us, we'll start our lives anew, For I've been up on the mountain and I've seen a clear way through. [repeat chorus] 3. The prophets often told us of the day to come, When the song of freedom will sound on every tongue, But never will it happen till we take each other's hand, And together climb the mountain till we find that Promised Land. [repeat chorus twice]
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